Arrow Recovery Group is now in the business of scrap catalytic converter recycling. We are a full service precious metal recycling and processing center located in Fremont, California. With the most technologically advanced equipment, we are dedicated to help our customer get the highest return for their scrap catalytic converters. From exotic to aftermarket, or even industrial, we guarantee you’ll get the highest possible return. Our satisfied clients include scrap collectors, dealerships, auto repair shops, dismantlers, and car donation organizations.

Selling by-the-piece

Arrow Recovery Group tests each catalytic converter and create a database of precious metal content per catalyst, we give our clients the option to sell their materials by the per-piece method. Selling per-piece is typically for clients with smaller volume of scrap catalytic converters. Simply use the quote request form and we will promptly respond with a price quote.


For client with large volume of scrap catalytic converters, we forgo per-piece selling in favor of selling on assay. The only way to truly know the value of a load of scrap catalytic converters is through assaying. Decanning and milling the ceramic subtract then collecting a sample will reveal how much each precious metal the lot contains. Assaying eliminates the one-by-one process which is time-consuming, which in turn, increase the return rate of the load.

The Whole Benefit Package

Option to sell by the piece or by assaying.

Accurate precious metals analysis.

Fast and efficient services.

Advance Payment options to known sellers.

How to sell

Drop Off

To expedite the process, please request a quote online before scheduling to drop off the scrap catalytic converters.  and read California Catalytic Converters Law before scheduling to drop off the scrap catalytic converters.

Receiving Hours:
Monday to Friday 9:30 to 4:00 pm


We also offer free pick up service anywhere in the Bay Area; Requires a minimum 100 units and currently limited to business locations only, please contact us for more information.


Shipping via freight is the best option for clients sending large loads of scrap catalytic converters outside our pickup area. We will coordinate and schedule all freights services.